Hardwood is the leader in current flooring trends for all rooms in the home, even kitchens and basements! Available in engineered or solid, hardwood comes in a variety of price-points and can be used virtually anywhere in your home. Choose your style of wood based on where you want to install it.

Engineered hardwood is ideal for installation over concrete subfloors, or for new home construction. Much more dimensionally stable than solid wood, it's also a more environmentally friendly option, since you get greater mileage per tree than you do with solid wood, and many of the exotic woods are available, as well as a wide range of widths which make engineered an exciting option.

Solid wood is available in a huge variety of species, widths and colours, and is a luxurious addition to any room in the home, primarily above grade, although there are sub-floor options that can create the right environment for solid wood to be installed over concrete or below grade. Ask us about the possibilities.

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